Revelations Revealed Truth Evangelistic Center (RRTEC) is a church where everyone is loved and appreciated. We are called to bring salvation to men and women through the healing and delivering power of the Holy Spirit. 

RRTEC represents the charismatic movement in North Tulsa with a priority on preaching, teaching, and healing. It is referred to as a signs and wonders ministry.
For more information, please visit www.rrtec.us.


‚ÄčEndangered Masculinity draws attention to the need to restore to the male-man the original understanding of manhood, while exposing the hidden fact that when the man is out of place there will always be confusion. 

This is a spiritual reality which is validated by the fact that God created mankind to rule and the male-man to lead.  Every man has been anointed with a king on the inside of him.  The question is: Will man become the king or just remain a man?
For more information, please visit www.endangeredmasculinity.com.


Warriors with Purpose represents the vision of always being committed to our own children and to the youth of our community who will become the future leaders and influencers of tomorrow. The vision here recognizes that God is a generational God and has mandated that His Word and Truth be imparted to the next generation by the fathers and mothers of today. 


Assignment Hope is an organization representing the vision for reaching and training men concerning their Kingdom responsibility. We work with other organizations in the community to assist in providing individual and corporate events for men, to create an army of men who know the Lord, respect their identity, pursue their purpose, and realize their authority.


Camp RRTEC was founded under the covering of RRTM and focuses primarily on the academic wing of RRTEC. We help provide educational and tutorial support to the youth of RRTEC and the community.